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‚ÄčThis is Piper as a puppy this photo has gone viral!

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 Welcome, to the home of Down South Dane's!  My name is Rachel and I am mommy to all these beautiful gentle giants!  We live in beautiful Four Oaks, North Carolina!   A little history about myself, as a child I was obsessed with all animals. I was the kid that found a seagull with a broken wing and brought him to the vet (vets office was right down the street) I played with and cared for them instead of playing with dolls!  I spent hours on end talking the groomer to death!  
  As an adult I first fell in love with Boxers.  I had a wonderful mentor and learned all I could about raising beautiful, healthy boxers with a sound temperament at Sandman Boxers. I did this for 10 years and then my life took a drastic change!  It was time to move on and open a new chapter in my exciting life but there was one problem...breast cancer!!  I was in for the fight of my life and there was only one option and that was to win!!  Win I did on, Feb. 13, 2013, I was cancer free!  It was time for me to get my fur babies back in my life and after a lot of research I was ready.  When I saw Bubba I knew it was meant to be!

Now let's get down to business..

   At Down South Danes each breeding is planned by thorough pedigree research and careful attention to the health of the parents. Those dogs included in my breeding program are evaluated for general health by a veterinarian with special consideration to hip and elbow clearances. To help ensure quality Great Danes, I strive to breed vigorous, strong and genetically sound puppies with correct temperaments for companionship All of my Great Dane puppies are given the best possible start in life.  Puppies are raised in a family atmosphere and emphasis is placed on positive training. And while their time with me is important, I truly care about what happens to the puppies when they leave for their new homes. Life-long contact with me is encouraged and I am always available to answer questions and offer support. All of my puppies are placed with a written contract so that no Great Great from Down South Danes will be resold, given away or dropped off in a shelter. New owners can expect an assurance of a lifetime return guarantee should new owners ever feel the need to relinquish their dogs. My ultimate goal, however is to work with those who approach dog ownership with a serious and responsible manner and who have every intention of offering a loving home for the lifetime of a Down South companion. Life is different once a GD is in it.  You have a friend by your side at all times they stay so close that its normal to trip over them.  GD's are loving and loyal, sensitive, and gentle. They are couch potatoes and love nothing more than to lay there all day with you!  All puppies will get into trouble but with GD's because of their sheer size the scale of trouble can be a lot greater!  Getting a GD is not something you should do on a whim please do your research and think...

        Everything from food to vet bills cost more with a giant breed dog! Great Danes require large beds and crates for comfort along with lots of love from their human companion. Believe me, they are worth every penny spent and every ounce of love given. The joy they give you back will forever be priceless!

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Down South Danes

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