Born February 13th 2014

                   Bubba Azul  

Ariel is a beautiful american piebald girl who has a lot of euro features.  She was born on 1/4/2013.   She currently weighs 135 and stands 34 inches.  Her hips and elbows have been tested.  She carries blue and fawn.  Ariel has had some beautiful big babies!   She has a love for any stuffed toys, turn your head for a second and there is fluff all over!  

Bubba is a loving, handsome and goofy young man.  He weigh's 145 and is 36 inches he is a proven stud. Preliminary testing of hips and elbows has been done.   He loves to be anywhere that I am and his favorite thing to do is steal my spot on the couch.

Piper is just the sweetest baby!  She is a blue harlequin with gorgeous markings.  We are expecting her first breeding around January 2017!

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Izzy is a high energy girl with a whole lot of personality.  She has a very loving and gentle way about her.  She is a smaller girl 117 lbs with a glossy black coat.

Down South Danes

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